Welcome to HOOD!

HOOD is your personalised moving assistant. Until now, moving to a new home required time-consuming google searches, getting quotes, making phone calls, and sending emails. HOOD will cut out hours of work because we are the ONLY source you need to go to when you want to move somewhere. We can do this no matter what stage of your move you are up to.


Enhanced autonomy

Customers value seamless experiences that aren’t broken up by requiring assistance or having to deal with frontline staff.


Embracing Instant Messaging as the Key to Transformation

HOOD is a personalised moving assistant through Facebook Messenger.

By adapting Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we have created the most efficient way of handling your moving needs. Hummingbird AI constructs a personalised conversation based on recognising your specific moving needs and details. We then use our proprietary algorithm to calculate your estimated moving budget to provide you with instant quotes from the best movers and service providers in your area.

HOOD organises and keeps track of your important moving milestones and sets up reminders for various tasks to be completed throughout the moving process.

Go beyond the help desk

The Supplier can accept or reject as well as respond to the client directly through Hummingbird AI.

Hummingbird AI links the relationship between the customer on the HOOD Chatbot inquiring about a job with the Supplier who can provide the service. Suppliers are provided with key analytics to track the success of their listing. It’s broken down into views, total customers, HOOD score, and response time.

With Hummingbird AI being accessible 24/7 on Messenger, it’s creating a seamless home moving experience for the client.