Hummingbird AI Custom Chatbot Solutions


reinvent and reimagine 

At Hummingbird AI, we work with you and your team to understand the elements that are causing your sales or services to bottleneck. We then figure out how an integrated a chatbot experience can be used to your advantage to redefine the customer journey you deliver.


AI and Chatbot

Our platform provides you advanced insights about your consumers to uncover the missing pieces.



Our platform provides your business with:

  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard - NPS, customer sentiment in real time

  • Human Intervention Capability - The AI conversation can be passed to a sales or customer service representative.

  • Customised Conversation Flow - Ability to edit the conversation and user experience.

  • API Plugins available for existing CRM or Billing Platform to provide your customers direct access to account balances, account changes and billing enquiries.

  • Single customer view - learn more about how your customers interact with your business and unlock the power of the conversational data