Where in the Bot are we heading?

Author Tommy Fraser, CEO. 5 min read.

As Elon Musk has stated we need to be careful about how AI evolves to avoid what we have seen in a lot of Hollywood movies. I'll get back to that topic later…..But the possibilities that were on display and the thinking going into AI and Chatbots that I experienced in Berlin at the Chatbot Summit are going to change so many industries that it’s such an exciting space and time to be involved in the industry. 



Here is my easy to digest takeaways from the Summit:


Big software players will drop down into space soon


With the pace that businesses are looking to adopt AI and Chatbots to perform Customer service, Sales and Issues resolution, you can see that Big software CRMs are going to be looking to access this market. SAP was a speaker at the conference and although a lot of people would typically say “SAP is so slow and difficult to make changes”, I think that the amount of data within their systems will allow some amazing AI opportunities and learnings being delivered out of their systems, once the AI and Deep learning skills catch up.


With the Big software players currently on the sideline in my view, it creates 2 opportunities.

Firstly for true AI platforms to grab a share (depending on their own capacity to deliver) of the enterprise market. But you’ll need to be quick to get these sales cycles closed and that could be difficult for some businesses still coming to grips with AI and Chatbots internally.


Secondly, for those AI platforms that can grab some market share of the enterprise market and deliver cutting-edge AI experiences they will be very well positioned to become an acquisition for the big players when the market consolidates. In my view this window will be 1 to 2 years, so get selling if you’re an AI platform business and get investment signed off if you’re in charge of delivering AI in your business.


The platforms for Messaging control the pace


Facebook, since they have opened up the Messenger platform, have the keys to the castle. As AI platforms and Chatbot builders, I think we all agree that we want more and more and more from the Messenger platform. I’m not sure if at Facebook they have been internally surprised by the growth of the bots on the platform and full credit to getting more support for the developers through the new appointment but I think AI platforms and Chatbot builders do want to gain a different level of support through the Messenger team that will truly allow us all to realize the functionality we want to deliver to the consumers.


Brands can have some fun with their Bot personas  


The Human to Chatbot relationship is going to take time for consumers to embrace some countries I personally think some countries will move quickly to adopt the conversation interface with Bots than others (Europe, is a market leader). I think that one of the keys to getting consumers to become fans of your brand and the Chatbot you deliver to them is to have some fun with the persona of your Bot. It’s critical that people know it’s a Bot they are talking to and the Bot should reflect your brand values but can also be a little bit edgier than potentially where you’d normally sit your Brand. Why? Well, this is a new frontier, I think people will enjoy playing and gaming with your bot if it has a little bit of spark and the conversational elements genuinely engaging.