Built To Deliver Amazing Conversational AI


Hummingbird AI can build your customer experience via a chatbot which allows you to have an engaging conversation and provide services through the messaging apps they are spending more and more time on.

Platforms we support:

Messaging APPS are the most used apps on mobile devices.

Customers now talk to their friends and family through messaging apps rather than older technology such as SMS. Customers expect to be able to talk to businesses and brands on the same platforms. A recent study by Gartner highlighted that 80% of customer service roles will be replaced by Chatbots by 2020. 



Introducing the Hummingbird AI Experience

Get access to our scalable and versatile Hummingbird AI platform. Track advanced consumer insights through its analytics dashboard, measure conversational sentiment in real time, and enable human intervention.

Build a customer journey that allows your business to connect

all in one platform.

We see Artificial Intelligence and Messaging platforms as the future of retail. We have a track record of delivering new retail customer journeys and providing these through a chatbot solution.
— Tom Fraser, CEO of Hummingbird AI